Internationally renowned chip tune musician Pixelh8 makes his music from reprogramming vintage computer and video game systems.

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"Hard Reset" Coming Spring 2024. After a 12-year hiatus Pixelh8 returns to the chaos bringing his unique blend of chiptune.

"Automatic Repeat Request" is a collection of rarities from EPs, unreleased tracks, and alternative versions that were never officially or fully released between 2006-2012. Released in 2023.

"Cross Side" Video Game Soundtrack is the music from the second mind bending puzzle game set in the world of “OCARBOT”. Released in 2012

"OCARBOT" Video Game Soundtrack is the music from the retro style Puzzle game on the same name. Released in 2011.

“Observations” is an audio visual study of the people, machines and practices at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University, which culminated in performances during the Cambridge Science Festival. Released in 2010.

"And The Revolution" pushes the boundaries of chip tune once again featuring robot vocals, machines blowing up and an orchestra, it's a revolution. Released in 2010.

“Obsolete?” is an audio study of the people, machines, history of The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park and looks closely at the themes of mathematics, logic, code-breaking and enciphering. Released 2009.

"The boy with the Digital Heart" The entire album, every note, every drum beat, every sound programmed from scratch, and performed on software written for Game Boy, Nes , Sega Game Gear, BBC Micro, ZX spectrum, Commodore 64, Neo Geo Pocket, Acorn Electron, MSX as well as many many more. Released in 2007.

"Video Games Ruined My Life" is the long awaited 14-track debut album, which melted two laptops in the process, took two commodore 64's, one 48k spectrum, one nes, one snes, five gameboys, several kids toys and keyboards, countless yards of wire and solder to make. Released 2006.